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An intuitive interface ensures your data is organized and easily accessible, allowing you to comfortably and securely manage your portfolio.

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With a set of robust, secure, cloud-based tools, manage properties effortlessly and securely with investor ready reports and automated processes.

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NextGen Framework
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QuickBooks Online Integration

Harness the power of QuickBooks Online while adding a layer of user-friendly property management tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is properbooks?

Properbooks is a fully integrated, QuickBooks application for your property management needs. Properbooks is an efficient, cost-effective platform that helps you as a property manager operationalize your business through QuickBooks Online, giving you more control over your property portfolio.

How does the migration work?

Our properbooks application is designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. If you already have an existing account with QuickBooks Online, our app will upon sign-up take you through a step-by-step checklist to make sure the information populates into properbooks correctly. After the first time, your data will be automatically synced between the two systems. If you are starting from scratch or if you are migrating from a different accounting software, the app will guide you through our recommended set-up procedure for a smooth start. Additionally we offer optional migration support to ensure your experience is seamless. Contact support for more information.

Do I need a QuickBooks Account?

Properbooks highy recommends a QuickBooks Online subscription in conjunction with the app in order to take full advantage of all the features and functionality.

What if I am using a different accounting software?

Properbooks is currently designed to work with QuickBooks Online only. We have migration support services available for companies that like to migrate their system into QuickBooks Online to be able to fully utilize the properbooks functionality. Contact support for more information.

What version of QuickBooks is properbooks compatible with?

Currently properbooks is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks Online, and we are constantly working to add compatability to QuickBooks Desktop and other accounting software.

How secure is my data?

Properbooks is one of the first QuickBooks apps to be whitelisted for enhanced security integration using OAuth 2.0. All transactions are encrypted with the highest level of security available. All and any bank transactions are PCI compliant and adhere to the most rigorous security guidelines.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We are growing fast. If you'd like to work in a dynamic, fun team of QuickBooks lovers like us, you can find our job postings here.

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